Having a nice lawn makes being outdoors fun but if you want to ensure those outdoor critter remain outside where they belong then contact Lawn Control Center. We want you to have a home you feel comfortable in and we can prevent spiders, ants and other tiny critters from entering the house. When you are looking for perimeter pest control services for your residential or commercial property, give Lawn Control Center a call.

Insects and Your Home

There are many ways for insects to sneak into your home. From the crawl spaces to the foundation cracks, ants and other bugs are relentless when it comes to seeking warmth and shelter in the winter and food throughout the year. Of the dozens of tiny holes around your home, you need a barrier that will deliver.

Some of the other ways insects find ways into yourhome is through:

  • Loose-fitting doors
  • Windows
  • Dryer vents

Full Pest Control Program

When you call Lawn Control Center for perimeter pest control, our highly skilled and professional technicians can keep invading spiders and other pests outside where they belong.

Our Full Program involves the application of an invisible barrier to the outside of your house five times a year. By strategically putting down the perimeter pest control barrier at various intervals, we can provide an effective shield that will consistently keep the insects from entering your home.

Our Full Program is applied on the exterior of the home and is designed to deliver results; this process is done without any of our crew ever entering your home. We fully guarantee our Full Program and offer free touch up visits as needed in the event that a spider or ants find a way to break through.


There are many kinds of critters that can enter your home throughout the year. Providing pest control on the inside of your home will take care of the insects already trying to make your home their new residence but having a reliable perimeter pest control strategy will keep them out so you do not have to come across them.

Our Full Program will help prevent the following insects from making it inside:

  • Earwigs
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes

All these littler critters and others that annoy you in the house will be properly taken care of when you use our services.

Choosing Lawn Control Center
No one wants to wake up to a line of ants crossing across the floor or searching through the kitchen cabinets and most people do not want to see a lone spider crawling across the ceiling. Customers can be easily turned off when they spot a little critter creeping up the wall of your business too. If you are ready to live a more comfortable life where insects are not a problem that need constant management or you want to keep your business as pristine as possible, give Lawn Control Center a call. Our skilled technicians know how to lay down an effective barrier that will keep the bugs at bay.

From the smallest homes to the largest commercial properties, you can rely on the certified and experienced crew at Lawn Control Center.