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Premier Lawn Care & Pest Control Services in New Albany, OH

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New Albany is a city located mainly in Franklin County, OH, with a population of over 10,800. It's a suburb of Columbus, sitting northeast of its larger counterpart. There's much to do here for all ages, such as admiring the work of local artists at Hayley Gallery, taking the kids to play sports at Bevelhymer Park, and golfing at New Albany Country Club.

At Lawn Control Center, we've been offering premier lawn care and pest control services in New Albany, OH, since 2001. From helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn to keeping your property pest-free - we're your go-to for all of it!

Help Your Lawn Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary With Our Lawn Care Services

It's time to take your lawn in New Albany, OH, from ordinary to extraordinary - with our lawn care services! We provide fertilization and weed control treatments to give your grass the nutrients it needs to thrive while keeping pesky weeds away. We also offer aeration to loosen compacted soil and make it easier for nutrients and other resources to reach the roots of your grass, then overseeding to fill in any bare and patchy areas and increase your turf's density. We also provide slit seeding, which involves planting seeds in tiny slits in the soil to create conditions conducive to germination. Meanwhile, we can improve your soil quality so your lawn can better intake vital nutrients with our soil conditioner treatment!

Our team offers highly effective lawn disease control treatments to eliminate fungal diseases like leaf spot, dollar spot, and red thread from your lawn in New Albany. We also provide lawn insect control applications to combat damage-causing pests like chinch bugs, sod webworms, armyworms, and grubs. Our lawn care services are as follows:

We guarantee your satisfaction with our lawn care services, or we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Take back your property from pests with our effective pest control services.

Pests have no business calling your property home, but that doesn't mean they won't try. Luckily, we offer effective pest control services to help take it back from these unwanted visitors. Our perimeter pest control treatments are just what you need to create a barrier around your building that spiders, mites, ants, and other creepy crawlers can't penetrate, keeping them from invading your inside space. To do this, we'll visit four times from May until September/October to spray six inches up the exterior wall of your home or business in New Albany, OH, and six to eight inches out onto your lawn. We also offer flea and tick control treatments, which we'll routinely apply when you need them most to protect you, your furry friends, and others from these harmful pests. Here are the pest control services we provide:

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Are you ready to improve your lawn's health and ensure your property stays pest-free? If so, we're here to help. At Lawn Control Center, we offer top-quality lawn care and pest control services to residential and commercial properties and HOAs in New Albany, OH. Whether you want us to fertilize your lawn, keep pests outside where they belong, or anything in between - we've got you covered. Call us today at (888) 421-0601 to schedule any of our services!