If you are looking for reliable lawn care then put the trust of your turf into the hands of the professionals at Lawn Control Center. From Cleveland to Columbus, we offer some of the best lawn fertilizer service you can find. Our hassle free program means we will take care of your lawn and the issues that may come across it with expertise and efficiency. Our lawn care programs include:

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Disease and drought management

Hassle Free Program

What is our hassle free program? It means that you will not get harassing phone calls from us regarding your lawn and additional services we want to throw your way. With the Lawn Control Center, you will have:

  • Free curative grub control
  • Free insect control
  • Free spot seeding
  • No weed guarantee

This will ensure that the lawn care service you receive from Lawn Control Center is professional and thorough so you can have pristine, green and gorgeous grass increasing the curb appeal of your property.

Lawn Fertilization

There are critical nutrients your lawn needs to help it thrive and to optimize growth. With regular applications of balanced fertilizer throughout the year, the certified technicians at Lawn Control Center will ensure that the roots of your lawn have all the nutrients necessary to stay strong. A healthy lawn also means your grass can better fight nutrient-stealing weeds, lawn pest problems such as grubs and Chinch bugs, diseases and drought damage.

The core elements that will help your grass thrive and significantly increase the overall health of the lawn are:

  • Nitrogen – This promotes foliage production
  • Phosphorus – This element will help with root and seed development
  • Potassium – This helps to hold water and will promote a more vigorous lawn

We use a dry slow release lawn fertilizer to maximize performance and provide a constant influx of nutrients to your lawn’s roots. The benefits of using a dry, slow release fertilizer is that, even if it does not rain for a while, the fertilizer will persist and will not go to waste or harm the grass. Liquid fertilizers can burn the lawn if it is really hot out and the rain is minimal.

At Lawn Control Center, our dry fertilizer has a coding that breaks down slowly and helps the lawn get the fertilizer over time.

Weed Control

Left untreated, crabgrass and broadleaf weeds can crowd out the good grass. Weeds can steal nutrients and water away from your grass leading to unhealthy turf, unsightly weed growth and will overall detract from the looks of your property.

At Lawn Control Center, we will perform regular inspections and spot treat troublesome weeds. With pre-emergent treatments early in the season, we can help stop crabgrass before it starts growing. We then use post-emergent treatments to prevent broadleaf weeds from growing.

The types of weeds we typically see are:

  • Clovers
  • Henbits
  • Dandelions
  • Spurge
  • Wild geranium

Choose Lawn Control Center

When you have Lawn Control Center providing lawn care on your property, you can expect to see lush green grass and no weeds. From the smallest residential properties to large commercial properties, you can rely on our highly skilled and trained technicians to keep your lawn looking good.

Contact us and discover the benefits of choosing Lawn Control Center for your lawn fertilization and weed control needs.