If you are looking to have a beautiful lawn, contact Lawn Control Center. We offer many great services to keep your lawn green and healthy. One way to keep your lawn in good health is through lawn aeration. Lawn aeration reduces compaction and helps the newly placed seeds find their way into the soil and help promote grass growth in bare or thin spots on your lawn.

If you are looking for lawn aeration and overseeding services, give Lawn Control Center a call.

Lawn Aeration Process

Lawn aeration, often called core aeration, is the process of removing small cores from your lawn to help reduce compaction and thatching. By opening up the soil, elements such as lawn fertilizer, nutrients, water and air have an easier time reaching the roots of your turf. This will ensure your lawn’s roots can extend and help the grass maintain its health.

After aerating the lawn, overseeding will help the grass grow and thicken it up. Overseeding will also fill in bare spots caused by:

  • Disease
  • Drought
  • Invasive insects
  • High traffic from pets or kids.

Frequency of Lawn Aeration

To ensure water and nutrients are reaching deep into the soil and assisting the roots, most experts suggest that you aerate your lawn every one to three years. This frequency changes if you have pets or kids who consistently are running around the grass and compacting the soil; in this case, twice per year can be quite a common recommendation. Our lawn technicians will be able to monitor your lawn and its ability to soak in the fertilizer and water and let you know if aeration would significantly increase results.

The ideal time for core aeration is early in the spring or late in the fall when the soil is mostly likely compacted. During the spring and summer when rain and warm weather is the norm, the ground is softer and better able to let nutrients sink downward.

Lawn aeration in the fall will keep the fertilizer inside the soil throughout the winter whereas a spring aeration will help loosen up the topsoil and let the grass flourish after the first treatment.

Choosing Lawn Control Center

At Lawn Control Center, we offer a hassle free program to keep your lawn looking great. By consistently monitoring the property, we will be able to spot treat everything from insect control to weeds to bare spots. Being hassle free also means we will not harass you with phone calls trying to sell services you don’t need. When it comes to lawn aeration services, we can advise you if we feel you would benefit from the program.

If you have never had lawn aeration for your grass or you are looking for a new and more dependable lawn care company to provide you with this crucial and beneficial service, give Lawn Control Center a call. We will help you have the lush and healthy lawn you deserve.

Lawn Control Center has been serving residential and commercial properties since 1999 and the crews at all of our offices are highly trained and will provide lawn care services professionally and diligently. We treat each lawn individually and can customize a program including lawn aeration to ensure you have a