When it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn, it's crucial to apply the right type of fertilizer, which begs the question: are liquid or granular treatments better? While liquid fertilizers are absorbed instantly and deliver a fast release of nutrients, granular treatments need to be watered in to activate and provide a gradual supply over an extended period. Granular fertilizers are an excellent choice for lawns in Ohio, as their slow-release feature ensures they receive a consistent supply of essential nutrients over time, promoting steady and healthy growth, and resulting in less chance of fertilizer burn. You should apply granular fertilizer to your lawn several times from early spring until late fall.

What is the difference between granular and liquid fertilizer?

You have two options for fertilizer types: liquid or granular. Liquid fertilizer is typically sprayed onto your lawn and quickly absorbed by the soil, providing your grass with much-needed nutrients within minutes. On the other hand, granular fertilizers are small granules that are spread across your entire lawn. These granules need to be watered in to activate, slowly releasing their nutrients into the soil as they break down, which means that your grass will receive them over an extended period of time.

You should always pair fertilization treatments with weed control to ensure your lawn doesn't have to compete with weeds for nutrients.

Why is granular fertilizer better than liquid for your lawn in Ohio?

While both granular and liquid fertilizers offer similar results, some key differences make granular the superior choice for lawns in Ohio. The first big benefit of using granular is that it slowly releases nutrients, which means that it supports your grass for a longer period of time between applications. Because of this, it also reduces the chances of fertilizer burn, which is when your lawn receives too many nutrients at once, taking away moisture and causing it to dry out and look scorched; this is common with liquid fertilizers.

You should apply granular fertilizer to your lawn throughout the growing season.

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The growing season here in Ohio begins in early spring, which means your lawn will need a boost of nutrients to help it come out of winter dormancy and emerge looking healthy. Because granular fertilizer releases nutrients gradually, it's ideal for furnishing your lawn with the necessary nourishment. You should apply a granular fertilizer treatment to your lawn three times during the spring—once in early spring, once in mid-spring, and once in late spring/early summer.

In addition to providing your grass with vital nutrients in the springtime, you'll also want to apply another two rounds of granular fertilizer in summer to help it withstand the season's heat and additional stressors. Then, once fall arrives, two fertilizer applications should be applied to help prepare your turf for the cold winter months and the dormancy it will enter into.

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