Lawn maintenance can be hard work, confusing, and time-consuming. Trying to decide what your grass needs to grow the way you want it to can cost you large amounts of money as you try different products. Lawn Care Control in Eastlake, Ohio has the knowledge and skills to make your grass thrive. Our variety of lawn care services gives your lawn everything it needs to grow healthy and strong. Read through our four lawn care don’ts for insight into how we can help you today.

Mow While It's Wet

Rain coming down over lawn.

Mowing wet grass is an all-around unpleasant experience. The moisture on the grass makes it stick to everything, including itself. The wet grass clumps that form can block a mower’s deck and make the lawn look patchy and unkempt. Soil is soft after a fresh rain, creating a greater risk of rut damage from mowers with smaller wheels. The grass can also become very slippery, leading to a potential fall and injury. Don’t take the unnecessary risk and let a professional handle your next cut.

Forget to Aerate

Aeration machine.

The key to a vibrant, healthy lawn is aeration. By oxidizing the soil, the grass can get the nutrients it needs by allowing rain and minerals to fill the perforated earth. It also helps the grass grow by loosening compacted soil so the roots can reach deeper into the ground. Call our professionals at the Lawn Control Center to help you make your grass healthy again.

Cut It Too Short

Lawn mower in lawn.

When grass is cut too short consistently, it leads to weakened or dead grass and makes your lawn vulnerable to weeds. With professional lawn care services, you can make sure your grass is cut to the proper height and weeds are taken care of before they get out of hand.

Use The Same Blade Height Each Time

Short lawn cut.

Grass has different needs depending on the season. When the lawn needs more sun in the spring, a lower blade can cut it shorter so the sun can reach the grass and new seeds more effectively. In the summer, it’s better to use a higher blade as longer grass can help prevent weed growth and is easier to maintain during droughts or periods of low rainfall. Our lawn care services are perfect for when you’re not what your grass needs to thrive.

Lawns are meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over. If your yard has become a headache, call the Lawn Control Center for lawn care services that make your lawn fun again. Trust us with your lawn today!