Maintaining a great-looking lawn in Ohio can be tough with our weather systems being so unpredictable and sporadic. That’s where the professionals at Lawn Control Center come in to help provide you with some of the best lawn care services you can find. Read on as we diagnose the most common signs you need to upgrade your lawn care plan sooner, rather than later.

Brown Lawn

Brown Lawn.

First off, there can be many reasons why your grass turns brown. It could be because of lack of water, nutrients, or just simple neglect. The lawn care professionals at Lawn Control Center have the experience and expertise to diagnose and quickly treat your lawn. With our hassle-free lawn care program, we provide lawn fertilization and disease and drought management expertise to bring your lawn back to life and greener than ever.

Seasonal Damage

Seasonal Damage.

The second warning sign you need to upgrade your lawn care is seasonal damage. Whether it’s a freezing Ohio winter or the lawn is littered with debris from fallen branches, seasonal changes can really take its toll on your lawn. Luckily, at Lawn Control Center we help you take control of your lawn and be proactive with our comprehensive lawn care services program.

Weeds & Overgrrown Landscape Features


No one likes weeds, but sometimes overgrown weeds in your lawn and landscape features can become unsightly and unbearable to manage. The professional Lawn Care Control Center team has access to higher-quality herbicides for long-term weed control. Weeds can be a nuisance, but with ongoing lawn care maintenance and services, it can be controlled so you can enjoy your outdoor oasis every day.

Huge Yard & No Time

Home with a large lawn.

If you have a huge yard or are finding your yard to be more of a burden than an oasis, it might be time to upgrade your lawn care. Lawn care services can be time-consuming if you have a busy lifestyle or don’t feel like you have the knowledge and skill to maintain your green lawn. So, upgrading your lawn care or maintenance plan is always in your best interest if you feel like you don’t have time.

There are so many reasons to partner with a professional lawn care services team to perform all your lawn care and maintenance needs. From a dead, brown lawn to just the simple fact that you do not have time to maintain your yard, you should consider upgrading your lawn care sooner rather than later. Partner with Lawn Control Center of Ohio lawn care team and give all your neighbors green lawn-envy today!