There are three common lawn diseases that you need to be aware of in Columbus, OH. They are leaf spot, red thread, and dollar spot. Leaf spot is a fungal disease that will cause brown spots on your blades of grass and can cause patches of your entire lawn to turn brown. This disease can appear on lawns during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Red thread is another fungal disease that causes thin patches of dead grass across your entire lawn. The damage this disease can do is most severe during the spring and fall seasons, but can also show up during the summer. Dollar spot affects many cool-season grasses and will form small, coin-sized circles on your lawn and becomes the most problematic in the spring and early summer.

1. Leaf Spot

Leaf spot is a fungal disease that appears as circular or irregularly shaped spots on the blades of grass. These spots are typically brown or black, and as the infestation worsens, they can grow wider and develop tan centers. Leaf spot typically forms during cool, wet weather, and is most often found infecting lawns in the spring and fall seasons, but can show up during the summer as well.

If left untreated, leaf spot can cause serious damage to your turf, possibly even killing it in some cases. To eliminate this disease, you should schedule curative treatments with a professional lawn care provider as soon as you notice this disease has infected your turf.

2. Red Thread

Red thread is a fungal disease that primarily affects cool-season grasses, which is the type of grass we have here in Columbus, OH. It appears as thin, straw-colored patches of dead grass across your lawn. As this disease progresses, the patches will become larger and merge together, eventually killing large areas of your turf. Red thread tends to flourish in moist conditions and can occur at any time during the year, but it tends to be most severe in spring and fall. You should reach out to professionals to treat your lawn for this disease whenever you see any signs of it so you can prevent it from causing significant damage to your lawn.

3. Dollar Spot

Dollar spot is a common lawn disease that affects many different kinds of cool-season grasses here in Columbus, OH. It appears as small, coin-sized circles of yellowish-brown discoloration on your lawn. These spots tend to spread out as the disease progresses, and they can merge causing it to affect large portions of lawns. Dollar spot thrives in warm, humid conditions and forms when there is an excess of moisture on your lawn. This disease tends to become more prevalent in the spring and early summer.

Curative treatments can eliminate dollar spot from your lawn, and you should have professionals apply them to ensure they're applied correctly to effectively eradicate it.

You can help your lawn recover from a lawn disease by scheduling lawn care services like lawn fertilization, aeration, and overseeding.

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